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Florà Albania - between tradition and innovation. Design tools as key to the future

Florà Albania is a project conceived and coordinated by Creativi108 and supported by the Otto per mille of the Waldensian Church, the protagonist is the community of handmakers of the town of Korcè. Developed during the last year, through a study visit in February and with mentoring and training processes in July, Florà Albania had the objective of grasping and studying the criticality and potential of self-employment of local handmakers. The research conducted by Dr. Fjona Merkaj on the territory was decisive: ethno-anthropological analysis and study of socio-economic flows integrated with the results of interviews with local handmakers, have brought out a working reality based mainly on traditional processes, typically rural.However, the experience of mentoring - conducted by Dr. Miriam Trolese - has given a livelyimage of the local craftswomen, bringing out new perspectives for their future work. Perspectives and hypotheses that will necessarily have to be placed outside a comfort zone of the Albanian town to suggest actions of change and economic growth. Among the stimulating perspectives elaborated by Dr. Trolese - officially presented at the final conference of the project that will take place in Korce on August 30 - emerges the possibility of dedicating specific places to the work of handmakers as an academy of local craftsmanship - the potential driving force of the town - or a labstore to be understood not only as a commercial pole but also as a creative and sharing space. Both solutions, however, cannot be separated from public support, for example through the local administration or the university institution. The hypotheses formulated were possible thanks to listening to the needs of local women through the use of mentoring tools such as CANVA FLORA; facilitating the processes of analysis of personal resources and at the same time promoting strategies to overcome the difficulties encountered in the activity of handmakers.The results of the project will soon be published on the site and downloadable.

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