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Toward Czech Republic...

The Czech Republic will be the fourth European stage of Florà-Handmade thinkers, a project coordinated by Creativi108 and funded by the European Erasmus + program.

This time our handmakers, protagonists of an enthusiastically international mobility, will be engaged in a business and management training.

How to manage your resources? How to make your craft work a balanced and sustainable production ecosystem?

Our handmakers will have the opportunity to seek answers thanks to the participation in the Equal Pay Day - the biggest annual conference of women in Central Europe, held this year in Prague: two days of speeches and personal interviews with speakers and international mentors with whom to discuss the current role of women and their concrete possibilities of achievement, through creativity and talent.

On the website http://www.equalpayday.cz/en/equal-pay-day-en/ it is possible to have more information on the mentors of the event, women who will share their stories made of dreams, patience, failures and joys.

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