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Landing in Albania...

After Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic, a new adventure awaits the staff of Creativi108.

Thanks to the experience gained by our team in terms of good practices in support of female self-entrepreneurship, our project Florà - training path that aims to expand the self-entrepreneurial and e-commerce skills for women handmakers - arrives in Albania thanks to the generous support of the Waldensian Church.

A study visit from 15 to 17 February in the city of Korce will allow our team to learn about the ancient textile knowledge of local craftsmanship with its main actors and protagonists. An experience that will mark the beginning of a series of activities conducted by our experts in the Albanian territory culminating with a week of training in May for ten women craftsmen.

The aim of the training will be the creation of a local community of artisans able to operate professionally in the sales sector through skills related to the e-commerce field.

A final event, with many local stakeholders, will be an opportunity to present the results related to the study of the context and its entrepreneurial potential for the women of Albania.

The training modalities will be those of the Learning Design Approach created by Creativi108 and already applied in the handicraft context within the European project Florà - Handmade women across Europe.

The project involves a partnership with the non-profit organization Gruaja ne Zhuillin Korce (Women in Development Korçë -GZHK) Albanian NGO since 2003 committed to strengthening the status of women in the Korça region.

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