How to make your passion your profession

The free workshop "Credevo fosse hobby invece è lavoro" organized by Creativi108 took place on Saturday, November 24th in Bologna.

The event was hosted by the prestigious exhibition of the handmade world Il Mondo Creativo.

Topic of the meeting: the possibility of transforming creative attitudes into a real job, able to respond to the needs of the contemporary market. How can we do that?

First of all, telling the participants to explore their desires and ask themselves: what do I want? What do I want to do? What do I need to learn in order to make my passion my profession?

To answer these questions, M.Trolese and G.Petrozza have created some Canvas: strategic tools for Learning Design. The learning process uses visual mapping techniques and provides an understanding of individual processes to develop your business idea in relation to the skills of the pre-existing subject and the skills to be achieved. Handmade thinker Canva is part of the more complex horizon of the Learning Design Approach which elaborates multi-channel learning contents, tailored to the learner's skills. It uses learning by doing processes, content skills developed with e-learning but also and above all through LDA workshops, like the one occurred on Saturday. In this kind of laboratories, a cooperative peer learning approach is used in order to improve learning processes and to provide concrete tools and Mentoring within their business goals.

The final goal is to achieve full professional autonomy, as it is happening for Florà's handmade thinkers, an Erasmus + project for fifteen European women. Some of Italian handmade thinkers of the project, like Marianna, Eulàlia and Anna, participated at the opening of the exhibition, witnessing their professional growth path.

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