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Here we are in Sofia! Our partner, the Bulgarian Development Agency has prepared for us an interesting training on very important topics for our Handmade Thinkers who want to increase and improve their creative work. Which are the difficulties an Handmaker faces when she wants to sell her product to the E-commerce world? Often, the importance of the quality of photos published is not considered, neither the importance of giving value to the product that one wants to sell online. It turns out that often there are good chances to take pictures with a simple smartphone, using some simple techniques and apps that help to improve the quality of the image. It could seems unexpected, but the use of channels such as newsletters and email marketing requires a deep knowledge of local and European privacy laws. And have you ever thought about protecting your products or your Brand with a Copyright? Do you know how Intellectual Property is protected? Usually, registering copyright is not essential for authors and does not provide extra copyright protection, but the registration creates an official public record and allows you to sue for infringement of copyright if your brand or products have been taken by another party and used without your permission. The 15 European Handmakers involved in our project have explored these topics and have compared their current skills in ICT & E - commerce, increasing them thanks to the trainers and to the moments of sharing their skills and experiences.

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