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European Women Policies for Work

In the last decades, some procedures are began, towards to ensure a promotion of women rights, especially in the working field, in order to improve collective life-style and in terms of more equality between men and women. The focus on this article will emphasize the European policies on the subject.

Indeed, the European Council considers unexceptable a situation of wastefulness of human capital” if the aim is to achieve the transformation of Europe in a dynamic, competitive economic arena in which major opportunities of jobs, social cohesion and sustainable growth are available, as it has been established by the Lisbon strategy of 2010.

Thus, in order to implement this situation, several actions are being promoted over the years.

Since 2000, it was defined a programme (2001-2005) in according with a Strategy Unified Framework about equal opportunity.

In 2006, according with the Communication 2006/92, the settlement of a “Roadmap - schedule for the Equality between Men and Women” highlighted the priority environments to pursue: equal economic independence for women and men; conciliation between work and family life; equal participation of women to decision-making processes; elimination of the genres stereotypes in the society; elimination of violence-genre; promotion of equality between men and women within European Union.

Referring to our focus on work we are interested in, it is the directive 2006/54 which define the fulfillment of the equal opportunity principle about employment. In the aftermath of this legislation, the European Council has adopted the “European Pact for Gender Equality” in the same year, not only to fill the overall gap both of women and of men and to fight against market stereotypes, but also to trying of facilitating the job career with family life and monitoring the processes carried out by Member States in such subject.

Later, the Communication 2008/635 pinpointed the project “A better Equilibrium between Working time and Private Life: To more supporting the efforts aimed at facilitating professional, private, and familiar life”.

Finally, there is the European strategy 2010-2015 for Men and Women Equality. In order to implement the 5 priorities promoted by the Women’s Charter (COM 2010/78), according to a higher rate of job activity, reduction of gender pay gap (with the creation of the European Equal Pay Day institution), major presence in decision-making process position, promotion of women entrepreneurship, dignity and struggle against violence on women, it was determined the Communication 2010/491.

The handmade work can be an opportunity for many women as noted by the study Carrier Pathway by the Florà Project.

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