First Step.......Valencia

We are very excited to announce Flora’s first blended mobility. Our three handmade thinkers, Marianna Andolfi, Anna Raimondi and Eulalia Rife will land in Valencia and there they are going to meet the others 12 handmakers from Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Spain.

The Flora’s participants will attend a one week intense training about self-entrepreneurship, creativity, social aspect and reaching out, as well as sharing their skills and knowledges about Handmade world.

15 strong women, 5 days of intense training and 5 different cultures look as perfect numbers for an exciting plan!

The event will be hosted in Albufeira Hotel, where Jovesolides España professional trainers will hold the course.

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Jovesolides España

Laboratorium Zmiany

Bulgarian Development Agency

Business and Professional Women CR

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