• Anika D.

Arts and Crafts Movement - When Women United in Creativity

Emerging in the late 19th century Victorian England, Arts and Crafts movement was more than just a nouveau style in decorative arts. It was born in reaction to Industrial Revolution, reevaluating the concept of hand-craftsmanship in the light of industrial manufacture, mechanization and mass-produced objects of inferior quality. The movement was rooted in the ideals of pre-industrial times, a response to the anxieties that did not only concern aesthetics but also fundamental social issues like industrial labor, capitalism, and alienation of people from their work. It was also one of the first art movements that blurred the line between fine arts and crafts and due to this revision of traditional art hierarchy that allowed a greater involvement of women practitioners. The story of female artists in Arts and Crafts movementis an interesting one and in this article, we will explore their paradoxical position within it. More

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